St. Cloud State University

Winter Institute

The Winter Institute is an annual celebration of economic education and is a signature event for the Center for Economic Education, the Economics Department and the School of Public Affairs at St. Cloud State University. The Winter Institute offers high-quality educational programming that draws attendance from a wide and diverse audience that includes: students, faculty, staff, business leaders and members of the community. Each year the Winter Institute features influential economists and regional business leaders. In previous years, we have featured speakers such as Ben Bernanke and Nobel Prize winning economists such as James Heckman and Milton Friedman.

Through our generous sponsors, we are able to offer this year's Winter Institute program without an overall registration fee.  Instead, we are only charging for sessions that include a meal. 

Please register for all the sessions you are interested in attending and please remember to view the entire program by clicking here.

Special Note:  You will receive a separate email confirmation for each selection.

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