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Road Guard

Requirements Prior to Receiving Certification

  • Driving record review.
    • In order to participate in this training, a Motorcycle Road Guard Certificate application must be completed and sent to Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS). The application must be received three weeks before the training session the applicant wants to attend. The application allows DVS to review applicants' driving records. Applicants will receive a response letter from DVS telling them if they are approved or not approved to attend training. Applicants must bring the letter to training in order to participate.
  • No more than two petty misdemeanor convictions for any Minnesota moving violation, or equivalent violation from another state, for 24 months preceding date of application.
  • No impaired driving incident for five years preceding date of application.
  • No convictions under Minnesota Statutes, sections 169.13609.21, or equivalent violations from another state.
  • Must be able to hear and speak well enough to conduct a normal conversation at a distance of five feet, as well as meet the vision requirements to obtain a class D license. 
  • Participants are required to bring a completed waiver form to participate in this course.
Road equipment, including a stop/slow paddle, ANSI reflective vests and two-way radios, will be provided for the training. 

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