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Sustainable Agriculture Speaker Series

Sustainable Agriculture Speaker Series

MSCS is proud to host four amazing speakers on our Winona campus as part of our 2018 series on Sustainable Agriculture. Meet the inspiring individuals that are challenging conventional food and farming systems with alternatives that are socially, environmentally, and economically sustainable.

Select Thursday evenings from 5-7 pm

Jim Riddle 10/25

Jim Riddle, along with his wife Joyce, are the owners of Blue Fruit Farm located just outside of Winona. Blue Fruit Farm exists as part of the Wiscoy Valley Community Land Cooperative, a 360-acre orgranically-managed land cooperative with 20 adult members including Jim and Joyce. In the 1980’s Jim and Joyce raised organic vegetables and helped start the Winona Farmers Market. Now, Blue Fruit Farm covers 5 acres of certified organic blueberries, elderberries, aronia berries, black currants, blue plums, honey berries, justaberries, juneberries, and cherry plums. With his strong local connection, Jim offers us his insights on the past, present, and future of agriculture in the greater Winona area.

Norm Erickson 11/15

Norm and Mary Erickson are the owners/operators of Hazelnut Valley Farm LLC in Lake City where they produce roasted hazelnuts, hazelnut oil for skin care, and seedlings. Norm will explain the potential of hazelnuts in Minnesota as a sustainable and environmentally friendly crop yielding a variety of products including food, oil, feed, and expensive biodiesel. In addition to nut production, Norm’s farm also boasts a unique greenhouse with innovative use of solar energy and energy storage. Join Norm to learn how farmers can this perennial crop and renewable energy for economic and environmental security while contributing to a sustainable future in Minnesota and beyond.

MSCS Agriculture Program 12/13 (No cost to attend this session)

You’ve been waiting, and it is finally here! Bruno Borsari and Liz Micheel will announce the roll out of the MSCS Agriculture program degree and certificate options. We’ll describe the program goals, structure, timeline, and projects. For two years, Liz has been researching, developing,  networking, and building relationships with a number of influential organizations and award winning farms.  Southeast Minnesota and the surrounding region is a national "hot spot" for sustainable agriculture and now we are ready to provide students a clear pathway into this exciting career field. In this presentation, you'll be introduced to the program and to several of amazing local farms and regional organizations serving as program partners and internship.  We'll show you how the common thread is a shared value system based upon community, economic security, and environmental protection.

$15 for each individual evening

• Register via phone: 507-453-2740 or email RegisterMe@southeastmn.edu
• Register for individual evenings ($15/evening) by clicking on the corresponding link below:

Jim Riddle 10/25/18
Norm Erickson 11/15/18
MSCS Agriculture Program 12/13/18

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