Pine Technical and Community College

About Continuing Education...

Pine Technical & Community College's Continuing Education department serves as the major regional provider of skill-based, short-term courses.

  • Courses are conveniently offered during the day, evening and on weekends.
  • Courses are open-enrollment and cater to a foreseen need such as new technology.
  • Many courses are designed to meet an occupational licensing or legal requirement.
  • Since class sizes are smaller, students receive more individual attention and learn more.
  • Courses are shorter in duration than college credit classes and are delivered to meet the needs of the participant.

Manufacturing Technology & Industrial Engineering

Overhead Utility Line Design Gunsmith Engraving Skills Boiler Operator Exam Prep Basic Welding Intermediate Welding 21st Century Essential Industry Skills

Boiler Operator Exam Prep

The 2-day seminar is designed with one purpose in mind-to help you pass your boiler operator exam. Whether you are taking a Minnesota Special Engineer or the Chief "A" licensing exam, this seminar will cover what you need. The state exam is given through the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry. To register for the exam itself, please go to the MN Department of Labor and Industry website:,

Line Design

Basic Electricity
Electrical Design
Land Rights and Easements
Line Design I
Line Design II
Math for Line Design
Surveying for Line Design

Overhead Utility Line Design Training Program


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Courses and EXAMS include: Algebra and Trigonometry, Clearance Between Conductors, Conductor Charact eristics, Conductor Uplift, Crossarm Strength, Electrical Consumption, Electricity Fundamentals, Engineering Economics, Guy Scheme Strength, Horizontal Clearance, Insulator Strength, Joint Use, Mathematical Fundamentals, NESC Lookup, Polo Strength, Sag and Tension, Statics and Mechanical Fundamentals, Surveying Fundamentals, Transmission Clearance, and Vertical Ground Clearance

Welding Classes

The Basic Welding course is designed to give the participant knowledge of welding principles and safety consideration, developing the basics of wire feed and applied blueprint reading are some topics that will be discussed.
Intermediate welding course participants will gain knowledge of intermediate welding principles and safety consideration to enhance the students welding skills for the welding job market. The intermediate class consists of all hands-on welding in the welding lab.