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Leadership & Organizational Development

Professional & Workforce Training is committed to helping you fulfill your leadership and development goals. We offer classes and training designed for professional and growth sustainable results.

Does your writing effectively get the message across? In this interactive training, participants will see how their communication style influences their audience. Participants will be taught how tone and word choice impact their message and discover
how to put their best e-mail forward. Students will learn proper grammar usage through interactive learning (Socrative™ software) and hands on application. Choose five courses to earn a Certificate of Completion in Business Writing and Web

Across the United States, technological and demographic shifts are changing the face of our cities, presenting both challenges and opportunities. The Minneapolis Twin Cities Region is no exception. Birth rates are declining, thousands of jobs are being destroyed in manufacturing, mining, and agriculture and thousands more created in knowledge-based industries like finance, technology, and health care. College achievement rates are flat, skills gaps loom, and an increasing share of the workforce is being driven by immigration. The economic, political, and social implications of these changes are staggering. Given this backdrop, Anoka Ramsey has convened two separate summits of key stakeholders across the region to discuss the future, its possible impacts, and ways to build the capacity of leaders in order to deal effectively with both the challenges and opportunities. As a result of that work, we are sponsoring a first-of-its-kind leadership institute and we invite you to be part of the inaugural class.

These courses serve as ongoing training that puts into practice ethical decision-making in dealing with difficult ethical dilemmas. Participants can expect to explore professional ethics and human resource issues, law, and leadership through exercise and classroom style learning. Dive deep to examine your own code of ethics and find practical ways to navigate difficult decisions and personnel issues with better objectivity.

Please call the Professional and Workforce Training Center for registration and further information:
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The Management & Leader Development series provides training for individuals who are looking to enhance leadership skills in working with people and projects.

This is a great learning opportunity for new or prospective managers, supervisors, and leadership teams. Participants can customize their own training by choosing sessions to earn their Certificate of Completion from Professional & Workforce Training at Anoka Ramsey and Anoka Technical College.

Whether you're new in a role or looking to expand upon your current skills, professional development courses offer diverse training to accomplish your goals and grow competencies in focused areas.

Instructors bring real-world expertise and engage participants through activities and learning tools that can be directly applied to the workplace.

Participants will receive a Certificate of Completion from Anoka Ramsey Community College/Anoka Technical College through completion of all four sessions of each program.