Minnesota State University, Mankato


Coaching Cycles to Develop Effective Teaching (CCET) Institute
Research-Based Reading Instruction and Interventions: Elementary Level

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Cognitive CoachingSM gets to the core of what actually impacts teacher learning and growth: teacher cognition. Coaches support and enhance long-term sustainable growth for teachers and success for their students. At the heart of this training is the concept that we all have resources that enable us to grow and change from within. Cognitive CoachingSM is a powerful approach to enhancing performance of all school staff members.

Coaching Cycles to Develop Effective Teaching (CCET) Institute

  • Professional Learning
  • Forums/Communities of Practice
  • In-Field Coaching

The goal is to bring a variety of research-based pedagogical strategies into classroom. The program consists of ten courses, and each course contains a variety of research-based pedagogical strategies. Each course is an individual entity. You can take all courses or individual courses.

Clock hours include (a) watching the video mini-lectures, (b) taking notes, (c) planning and implementing two strategies, (d) observing and analyzing the effectiveness of the strategies, and (e) completing the Report and Analysis Form. A professional development certificate can be earned by completion of the courses.