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Included in the Transportation Section are courses relating to Motorcycle Training and Minnesota Commercial Vehicle Inspection Re-Certification Classes.

Minnesota Commercial Motor Vehicle Inspection Re-Certification

The Mandatory Inspection Program Inspector certification is valid for 2 years from certification or recertification date. Inspectors must recertify before the expiration date to maintain an active status. If you do not recertify before the expiration of your certification, our certification will be canceled and you will not be able to perform inspections or order decals. You may reactivate your certification within six months following your expiration date by attending a certification class.

Motorcycle Training

Motorcycle Classes hare FULL. The last class that we are offering this year will be held at the Mesabi Campus on June 23 and 24. This class is full.

Please review the handbook prior to coming to class. You can view the handbook online at You will receive a hard copy of the handbook in class. The handbook is available in Spanish by going to

Participation is 100% mandatory and you cannot miss any part of the class.

Refund Policy: (Also applies to purchase orders) Full refunds will be given to any student/company canceling 3 business days prior to the first session. Student and/or companies will incur all charges with no refund if student does not drop the course 3 business days prior to the first session. To receive a transfer or refund, please call or email our office for assistance at 218-362-5905 or