Minnesota State University, Mankato

Maverick Academy Series

The Maverick Academy Series develops leaders and meets industry needs.

  • Digital Marketing Academy
  • Executive Prep Academy
  • Grit Academy
  • Manufacturing Leadership Academy
  • Nonprofit Leadership Academy
  • Supervisory Development Center

Digital Marketing

The Digital Marketing Academy is a hands-on session designed to provide business professionals in both corporate and entrepreneurial settings with an understanding of how to create and implement a digital marketing strategy designed to achieved specific goals and objectives. Attendees will clarify their brand and sales objectives, conduct a competitive analysis, identify and profile target audience(s) and create a strategic plan with specific tactics and communication channels in support of their goals and aligned with non-digital communication efforts. Digital marketing has not replaced traditional marketing, but its relatively low cost and high reach makes it a cost-effective and impactful way to reach audiences and drive them to some desired action.


Executive Prep Academy

Minnesota State University, Mankato's Executive Leadership program provides new and emerging leaders unique perspectives how to drive customer-strategic thinking across the enterprise. Gain best practices to manage teams, handle adversity, and define your personal leadership style and brand.

Executive Leadership
Executive Decision-Making

Grit Academy

Grit Academy - Beyond Grit Workshop

“If you are serious about self and/or team improvement, Dr. Cindra provides the infrastructure to get you there.” Mark Watkins, President and Founder, Geneva Capital

“After about five minutes, the level of engagement and excitement in the room had exceeded anything I have ever experienced.” Alex Grundhoffer, North American Title Company

“Cindra is one of the best in the business. Her ability to connect with people, leaders, and athletes is exceptional.” Les Pico, Director of Player Development, Minnesota Vikings