Minnesota State University, Mankato

Maverick Academy Series

The Maverick Academy Series develops leaders and meets industry needs.

  • Corporate Etiquette
  • Digital Marketing Academy
  • Diversity & Inclusion Academy
  • Executive Prep Academy
  • Grit Academy
  • Manufacturing Leadership Academy
  • Nonprofit Leadership Academy
  • Supervisory Development Center

Corporate Etiquette

Professional corporate etiquette is a fundamental part of your executive tool kit. In today's fiercely competitive environment, you are at a disadvantage if the important fine points of social skills and etiquette are overlooked. This half-day workshop will empower professionals with resources to define and take control of personal brand, and to broadcast confidence and credibility. Two sessions are offered.

Diversity & Inclusion Academy

The Diversity & Inclusion Academy presents four highly interactive sessions led by industry professionals centered around diversity education and its relation to social and economic success. Develop an understanding of your own unconscious biases as well as learn best practices to make organizations and programs more welcoming and inclusive. Sessions are led by the Greater Mankato Diversity Council. The GMDC exists to enhance the Mankato area's commitment to creating an inclusive and welcoming community through diversity education.

Executive Prep Academy

Minnesota State University, Mankato's Executive Leadership program provides new and emerging leaders unique perspectives how to drive customer-strategic thinking across the enterprise. Gain best practices to manage teams, handle adversity, and define your personal leadership style and brand.

Executive Leadership
Executive Decision-Making