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Providing life-long learning opportunities to businesses, industry professionals, and the community!

Continuing Education Individuals can meet their training goals with access to a wide range of continuing education (open enrollment, non-credit) courses that are accessible and affordable. Click on the category below to explore our current offerings.

Customized Training By gaining an understanding of our customer’s goals, we are able to build customized courses with objectives that directly connect to your organization's strategic plan to increase efficiency, achieve new skills, maintain certifications, and so much more. We will work with your company to develop a contracted training that meets your needs. Contact our office today to discover your options!

CPR & First Aid
Nursing Assistant Test Out Exam
Nursing Assistant/Home Health Aide

Boiler Engineer Exam Prep

SLP/SLPA Supervisory 10-Hour Course
Special Education Interpreting Skills

Food Manager Certification/Renewal
MN Permit to Carry


Mandatory Inspection Program (MIP) - Initial Certification
Mandatory Inspection Program (MIP) - Re-Certification
Motorcycle Basic Rider Course
Motorcycle Intermediate Course

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