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St. Cloud State Univerisity's Corporate Education & Outreach (CEO) provides professional development training to upgrade skills to stay competitive in today's aggressive job market.

Welcome to the Center for Continuing Studies!

Whether you want to earn your degree, simply take a few classes, find training for your employees or learn about a new healthy eating lifestyle, our programs are designed with you in mind! 

St. Cloud State University is committed to those who want to learn but can’t take classes during the day, or can’t come to campus at all.

For adult learners, we have created a mix of learning options: evening classes, online courses, interactive television, off-campus courses, and even some weekend courses.

About U-Choose

U-Choose, the Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention Program at St. Cloud State University utilizes a comprehensive approach to address alcohol and other drug–related problems. The program utilizes empirically based theories and approaches specifically designed for college students. It’s based on the understanding that students want to achieve success academically, personally, and professionally. Empowering students to make informed choices about alcohol use, U-Choose helps students understand how high-risk drinking can lead to negative consequences; doing so in a way that is engaging, fun, and interactive.

Conferences and Workshops

Corporate Education & Outreach is home to St. Cloud State University’s customized and non-credit professional training programs. Our staff's commitment ensures your project or program's success. We also help you connect to our university’s faculty or industry experts.

Contracts and Grants

Contracts and Grants

Global Outreach

We work with international communities and global outreach programs to connect people with similar interests and goals.

We provide:
* corporate executive education programs.
* experiential learning opportunities for students and professionals.
* short-term programs in the medical and health areas

Professional Development

Our aim is to provide the skills you need to stay competitive in today’s aggressive job market.

From open enrollment programs to vetted online training programs, we ensure that our professional development programs meet St. Cloud State University's mission and standards. Many come with the opportunity to earn a non-credit certificate from St. Cloud State University or an industry-recognized certificate.

For information on our offerings, problems with your student profile creation or registering, please provide us with the course title when corresponding.  
For CEO programs, please email or call 320-308-4723.  
For Impact programs, please 
email or call 320-308-4179