Minnesota Highway Safety & Research Center

Minnesota Highway Safety & Research Center

Founded in 1974, the Minnesota Highway Safety & Research Center (MHSRC) caters to developing drivers in all vehicle classes through year-round programs that provide drivers with the opportunity to experience real-life scenarios in a controlled environment.

Our 55+ program is MN Dept of Public Safety approved.

  • Certified instructors throughout Minnesota.
  • Online or classroom option.
  • Crash data trends.
  • Defensive driving tips and changes in laws.
  • Vehicle technology and the latest traffic safety information.
Participants 55+ will earn at least a 10% discount on their existing auto insurance. This discount can be maintained by taking a 4 hr refresher course every 3 yrs.

Behind the wheel classes. Why train with the best?
  • Full time, nationally certified instructors.
  • Fleet of instructional vehicles.
  • Courses offered year around.
  • Free PIT refresher with EVOC, after PIT certification.
  • Assistance with Pursuit/PIT policy development.
  • Ride along evaluations and follow-up services.

These behind the wheel courses are offered to the public. YOU MUST CREATE AN ACCOUNT AND PASSWORD TO REGISTER.

Why train with the best? "Where High Quality Training Does Not COST…It SAVES!"