Motorcycle Rider Safety Training
Motorcycle Rider Safety Training
Learn how to ride and earn your motorcycle license endorsement!
Motorcycle Basic Rider Printable Flyer
Intermediate Rider Course Printable Flyer
Learn how to ride and earn your motorcycle license endorsement!
E-COURSE: The MSF Basic eCourse is a highly interactive 5-hour online program that provides riders of all skill levels with the basics of motorcycling is REQUIRED for the Basic Rider Course. 
MSF-CERTIFIED RiderCoach: 11.5 hours of hands-on riding exercises on the riding range. These exercises will guide you through the basic skills of straight-line riding, stopping, shifting, and turning, gradually progressing to swerving and emergency braking. 

MOTORCYCLES: Provided for all the students enrolled in the Basic Rider Course. 

ATTENDANCE: You must attend the entire course. If you are late, you will be dismissed and forfeit your registration fee

ABILITY & SAFETY: You must be able to ride and balance a bicycle. You must be able to safely control the motorcycle during every exercise. The instructor may dismiss you from the course if they feel you are a danger to your own safety or the safety of other students.

RESPONSIBILITIES: You are responsible for your own safety and learning. Discuss all questions or concerns with your instructors. If at any time during the course you experience fatigue, dizziness, disorientation, excessive physical or mental stress, or continued difficulty performing any exercise, stop immediately and notify your instructor. Notify them immediately of any hazards that you become aware of during the course.

PERMITS - Permit info: Minnesota Motorcycle License Endorsement
Adults (18+)
Present a valid motorcycle permit to your instructor.
Expired permits are accepted if they have been expired for less than one year.
Minors (16-17)
Valid vehicle driver's license is REQUIRED.

If you pass the course, you will receive course completion cards to allow you to take the motorcycle permit and skills test at a DVS exam station.

NOTE: Riders who have already failed a state and/or MMSC skills test twice are not eligible for the state skills test waiver and must skill test at a DVS exam station.

Learn more at Motorcycle Safety Center

Resource Links: (you will be taken to the MN Dept of Public Safety's website)
Minnesota Motorcycle Safety Center
Minnesota Motorcycle License Endorsement
Minnesota Laws and Regulations
Questions and Answers for Motorcyclists

A.B.A.T.E. of Minnesota Young Riders Scholarship Program
A.B.A.T.E. of MN is a non-profit motorcycle rights organization that stands for American Bikers
for Awareness, Training, and Education. Our organization promotes motorcycle crash
prevention through motorcyclist safety awareness, training, and education.

A.B.A.T.E. is currently funding a scholarship program to pay for the cost of attending rider
training courses. These funds are limited and will be approved based on application date and
required criteria until all available scholarships have been awarded.

The application requirements of the A.B.A.T.E. scholarship training program include:
• Be at least 15 years of age (and under 21 years of age) with at least a valid Driver’s
  License permit at the time you apply.
• Have a valid Minnesota Driver's License prior to attending a course.
• Meet the Minnesota Motorcycle Safety Center requirements for attending a course.

Scan and email applications to or send via USPS to:
Jon Fernholz, 310 Benton St W, Cologne, MN 55322

Click below for more information on how to apply for the scholarship.
ABATE Scholarship Information and Application