St. Cloud State University

Traffic Safety Education (TSE)

The Traffic Safety Education/Drivers Education program will prepare you to teach driver’s education in a public, private or commercial school setting. You will learn how to teach students important life skills while improving your own driving skills. The program combines theories of instruction with practical application. You will do well in the program if you are a K-12 teacher looking to obtain driver education licensure or a licensed driver education instructor looking to update your knowledge and skills.

The Center for Continuing Studies provides a noncredit offering for those seeking Traffic Safety Education/Drivers Education certification in states that do not require a credit-based program. Please be aware that some states only accept a credit-based option for licensing approval. Additionally, some students in noncredit-approved states may still choose a credit-based option, based on their desire for a pay lane change. Those states that have already approved the noncredit option are Oklahoma and South Dakota. Wisconsin will accept either a noncredit or credit-based program. If you are not sure whether you need a credit or noncredit version of the Traffic Safety Education/Drivers Education program, or if you have additional licensure questions, please contact Mark Lee at:

Fall 2021 Semester Dates:  August 23rd to December 16th, 2021