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MN State Fire/EMS/Rescue School

REMINDER - registration closes at 11:59p.m. on Friday, February 24!!

Fire School Registration is Now Open!!
Fire School Poster

To Register your Firefighters for Fire School:
Click on View My Account, under Returning Users click on Login in to My Account and log in with the Username and Password that has been assigned to your department.  If you do not know your Username and Password or do not have an account for your fire department please contact the CBI Office for assistance (507-389-7203).
  1. Click on 2017 Fire School
  2. For your first firefighter select either the 2017 Fire School: Full Conference 12 Hours or the 2017 Fire School: Mini Conference 4-8 Hours.  You must select one of these two options for each firefighter you register.
  3. Once you have selected the Fire School Conference, choose the specific training classes from the list for that firefighter for up to 12 hours of training based on the Full or Mini Conference that was chosen.  If attending the Firefighter Cancer Awareness class, DO NOT include those hours (4) in the total number of training hours that you will be paying for.  This class is free!
  4. Once all classes are selected for your first firefighter click on Add to Cart.
  5. Your shopping cart will appear.  Go to the Participant column and click on Select a Participant for the Fire School Conference.  At this time, you will be asked to select a Payment Option.  Pay Now with a Credit Card (you will be asked for credit card information at checkout) or Invoice my Account (this selection will invoice your fire department).  You will then be asked to select the participant.  Once selected, click Save and Exit. **If your firefighter is not listed, click on Add New Member.  You will need to provide the firefighter’s name, address, personal email address, phone number and date of birth.  Click on Save once the new information has been added.
  6. Proceed to the next class in the cart and select Assign a Person in the Participant column.  Select the same firefighter as you did for the first class (the Conference) in the cart.  Click Save and Exit.  Repeat for all classes for this firefighter.
  7. To proceed to your next firefighter, click on Back to Catalog and repeat steps 2 -6 to select the Conference and classes for your next firefighter.
  8. When all classes are selected and assigned to your firefighters, you may click on Checkout.  If you are paying with a credit card, you will be asked for your information at this time.  If you would like us to invoice the fire department, you will have the option to Submit and Register.
  9. PLEASE VERIFY YOUR DEPARTMENT INFORMATION! You can do this by selecting View My Account. If any information is incorrect in your company profile - please correct it or contact 507-389-7203 for assistance.