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Commercial Vehicle Inspector Re-Certification
Motorcycle Safety
Pilot/Escort Driver Certification & Re-Cert

All certified Minnesota Commercial Vehicle Inspectors must be re-certified every two years if they wish to continue as certified inspectors.


The Minnesota Motorcycle Safety Center rider training program has served Minnesota riders for more than 30 years with affordable, high-quality professional training and education. Instructors are certified by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation and dedicated to building and improving your riding skills.

Please carefully read the course description for all details pertaining to the course preparation and requirements.
Proper gear is required for all riding courses.

Participation is 100% mandatory and you cannot miss any part of the class.

Program Contact - Rhonda Allen 952-995-1335 or Rachel Salmela 763-488-2649 or email rhonda.allen@hennepintech.edu or rachel.salmela@hennepintech.edu

Register for the 8 hour Certification class if you are a Pilot Car driver who has either never been licensed or were licensed in another state.

Register for the 4 hour Recertification class if you are a Minnesota Pilot Car driver whose current Minnesota license is due to expire in the next 90 days.

Recertification’s are only allowed within 90 days of expiration of current license. Your license expires 4 years from the course date.

Pilot/escort drivers must attend a full certification course every eight years.
Minnesota Administrative Rules

If you do not recertify by your expiration date, you will have a 90-day grace period after your expiration date to attend a recertification class in order to regain your status as a certified pilot/escort driver so that you can legally escort again in Minnesota. If you fail to attend and successfully complete recertification class during that grace period, you will then be required to attend and successfully complete a full 8-hour certification class in order to legally escort again in Minnesota.

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Refund Policy: (Also applies to purchase orders) Full refunds will be given to any student/company canceling 3 business days prior to the first session. Student and/or companies will incur all charges with no refund if student does not drop the course 3 business days prior to the first session. Motorcycle Safety is 5 Business days for a Refund or Transfer.

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