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Aggregate Production

Aggregate Production
This is a three day introductory course taught both in the classroom and in the lab. It covers aspects of aggregate production and quality control testing. Subjects include: prospecting for aggregate, crushing and stockpiling, aggregate blending, process control, and effects of non-complying aggregate on construction. Test topics include aggregate sampling, splitting, gradations, aggregate specific gravity, moisture, spall identification, percent crushing, and other aggregate durability and quality tests. This course includes a hands-on performance review. This is done during the lab.

There is currently no level 2 or recertification course for aggregate production.

Bituminous Plant

Options include Bituminous Plant 1 and 2.
Recertification for all is available in a classroom setting.
Subjects to be covered are the following test procedures: Maximum Specific gravity (Rice Test), Air voids, and bulk specific gravity as determined from Marshall specimens demo and explanation of Gyratory specimens and compacted pavement cores, extraction and gradation of salvaged-asphaltic aggregate (RAP), and the Tensile Strength Ratio (TSR-Lottman) test.
Bituminous Mix Design requirements and working ranges specified by MnDOT specifications. It also covers subjects such as blending aggregates and recycled mixture design. There will be a day of lab work as well as four days in the classroom. This course prepares the student for doing MnDOT Trial Mix Design submittals.

Bituminous Street

Topics include: asphalt properties and types, production and testing, plant types and operation, aggregates used in production of hot-mix design concepts, paving and compaction specifications, inspector and contractor roles, MnDOT QM Specifications and certified plant requirements.

Bridge Construction

This is an advanced two week course taught in the classroom and designed for Bridge Construction Inspectors. Students receive instruction in bridge staking, excavation and embankment, foundations, steel reinforcement, sub structures, structural steel, forms and false work, pre-stressed beams, deck expansion joints, superstructures, deck drainage, bridge utilities, deck wearing courses, timber bridges, special structures, slope protection, documentation, approach panels, reconstruction, widening, and safety practices. This course is recommended for those involved in any type of structural construction. This is the only Bridge Construction Inspection course.

Prerequisite: Concrete Field 1 & 2, Grading and Base 1.  
The following AASHTO eLearning is also required:
Construction Inspection of Structures Series: Subsurface - AT-TC3CN053-17-T1
Construction Inspection of Structures Series: Substructures - TC3CN054-17-T1
Construction Inspection of Structures Series: Superstructures - TC3CN055-17-T1
Construction Inspection of Structures Series: Rehabilitation and Maintenance of Structures - ATTC3MN032-17-T1

The following AASHTO eLearning is strongly recommended:
Concrete Series: Basics of Cement Hydration - TC3MS009-15-T1
Concrete Series: Fresh Properties - TC3MS010-15-T1
Math Basics Series for Highway Technicians: Introductory Math Concepts - AT-TC3ED004-17-T1

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Concrete Field

Choose from Concrete Field 1 Concrete Field 2 or Concrete Field 1&2 Recertifications. There is an online/e-learning recertification available.
The test procedures presented include slump, strength, air contents, unit weight, and sampling.
Also covers materials technology and construction practices based on MnDOT specifications and PCA publications.

Concrete Plant

Concrete Plant 1 and Concrete Plant 1 Recertification is available. 

*Level 2 was eliminated when MnDOT switched from MnDOT Mixes to Contractor Mix Designs for concrete in 2016.

The instruction covers the sampling and gradation of aggregates as well as moisture determinations and batch adjustments.
Also, some courses will relate specific performance requirements to the concrete mix design and production controls to produce the specified mixes and covers ACI mix design procedures and specific MnDOT requirements as well as aggregate and admixture technology.

Concrete Strength Testing

This one day course is required for all persons performing concrete compressive strength testing that involves material acceptance based upon compressive strength. This course has both classroom and laboratory requirements. Concrete Strength Testing Technician Certification is not required for persons breaking concrete beams.

Grading and Base

Options include Grading and Base 1 and Grading and Base 2. Recertification is available in a classroom setting or online.
Courses cover soil identification, the moisture-density test (proctor) field moisture and density determinations, and the Dynamic Cone Penetrometer test procedure.
Some courses discuss the inspector's roles and responsibilities, sub-grade soils and soils identification, excavation and embankment construction, base construction, turf establishment, geosynthethic applications and compliance with labor laws.