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MnDOT Technical Certification

Aggregate Production * Bituminous Plant
Bituminous Street * Bridge Construction
Concrete Field * Concrete Plant
Concrete Strength Testing * Grading & Base


A Mn/DOT Tech ID# is REQUIRED to register for certification courses. If you do not have an ID#, please click on:  MnDOT Tech ID.

Registrations will be processed on a first come-first served basis. The class sizes are limited, so early registrations are suggested to obtain the date preferred. All online registrations must be paid with a credit card or the PO option (Organization accounts only).

REGISTRATIONS WILL NOT BE PROCESSED WITHOUT PAYMENT unless you are an organization account and get PO permission.

Reminder:  Lunch is on your own for all MnDOT classes.


Choose from Concrete Field 1, Concrete Field 2, or Concrete Field 1 & 2 Recertification. The test procedures presented include slump, strength, air contents, unit weight, and sampling. Also covers materials technology and construction practices based on MnDOT specifications and PCA publications.

Concrete Field 1: ACI: One day of classroom instruction either in person or virtually and one block of in person lab instruction.

Concrete Field 2: Two days of virtual classroom instruction via GoTo Meetings.

Concrete Field 1 & 2 Recert: One day of virtual classroom instruction via GoTo Meetings.
*If you need to recertify your CF1-ACI, you must retake the FULL CF1-ACI class.


Options include Grading and Base 1 and Grading and Base 2. Recertification is available in a classroom setting or online.
Courses cover soil identification, the moisture-density test (proctor) field moisture and density determinations, and the Dynamic Cone Penetrometer test procedure.
Some courses discuss the inspector's roles and responsibilities, sub-grade soils and soils identification, excavation and embankment construction, base construction, turf establishment, geosynthethic applications and compliance with labor laws.