MnDOT Geometric Design
MnDOT Geometric Design
The Updated Geometric Design Training Series is made up of 29 online courses, consisting of video segments, interactive illustrations, examples, and exercises. These courses are available from July 1, 2022 - June 30, 2023 for you to complete at your own pace. 
  • Basic Series
  • Quantities Series
  • Horizontal Alignment Series
  • Vertical Alignment Series
  • Intersection Series
  • Clear Zone Series
Take advantage of our $600 discount when you buy all 29 courses at once!
Please contact Suzanne Johnsrud ( or 218.428.1002) BEFORE you register for assistance in applying for the $600 discount. You must purchase all 29 courses at the same time to take advantage of these savings; it is not retroactive. 
Basic Series
Understanding Three Basic Views: Plan, Profile and Cross Section Reading and Understanding Contours ...
Clear Zone Series
Clear Zone I: Roadside Design Clear Zone II: Barrier
Horizontal Alignment Series
Horizontal Alignment I: Stations and Stationing Horizontal Alignment II: Bearings and Curves Horizontal...
Intersection Series
Turning Maneuvers Speed-Change Lanes At-Grade Intersections Grade-Separated Interchanges
Quantities Series
Introduction to Earthwork Quantities I: Introduction Quantities II: Computing and Tabulating ...
Vertical Alignment Series
Vertical Alignment I: Design Process Vertical Alignment II: Balancing Design Constraints Vertical...